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Hunters, anglers targeting bills before Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming Legislature is considering bills that would have a big impact on the state’s hunting and fishing heritage and sportsmen’s groups are urging the public to get involved.

Hunters and anglers are taking aim at House Bill 78, which would give the Legislature oversight of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's budget. That would give politicians control over fish and wildlife management, injecting politics into what should be science-based decisions, sportsmen and women said. The House Appropriations Committee is considering the bill.

Hunters and anglers are urging support for two measures – House Bills 136 and 137. The legislation would allow Game and Fish to increase some license fees and tie future increases to regular cost-of-living increases. The bills are viewed as critical to ensuring adequate funding to maintain Wyoming wildlife, which generates roughly $2.9 billion yearly for the state’s economy.

Steve Kilpatrick, executive director o f the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, has said the proposed fee adjustments are a necessary and reasonable way to help pay for fish and wildlife programs.

Hunting and angling groups are asking people to contact theirrepresentatives.


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