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In the West, common sense is as abundant as the wind and sun – and sportsmen suggest using all three as our country rapidly develops its renewable energy sources.

Hunters and anglers realize how important energy is, and we support renewable energy development on Western public lands. We want it done thoughtfully, however, to conserve fish and wildlife habitat and water quality. And, given our passion for the land, sportsmen want a voice in shaping renewable energy strategy.

In the rush to tap new energy sources, it’s important to do it the right way and in the right places. That way, we won’t repeat the mistakes of poorly planned oil and gas development that continues to threaten some of the West’s cherished public lands, including special places where families have hunted and fished for generations.

Developing renewable energy responsibly means using common sense. That means locating the huge fields of solar panels and rows of 300-foot windmills on already developed landscapes. It means putting new power lines close to existing ones. Above all, it means using the latest scientific information to safeguard the sage grouse, pronghorn antelope and mule deer most affected by renewable energy equipment.

As our country taps the promise of wind and solar energy, the Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development coalition encourages government officials to adopt the following 10 guidelines to help preserve America’s outdoor legacy.

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